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Selwyn Township approves a Code of Conduct for Council

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 Friday, Aug. 17, 2018 $1.25 Canadian Publications Agreement No. 40727545
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Kaila Widziak-Lazos cooled down with a freezie during the annual Sidewalk Sale held in Lakefield on Saturday. Over 5,000 people strolled Queen Street taking advantage of some excellent deals. Kaila was snapped hanging around the Dunk Tank which was raising money for the Rare Disease Foundation. The fundraiser was hosted by Salon Sorella and the final tally was not available at press time. Go here for more photos.


Terry McQuitty

by Terry Gillis


Although building applications don’t usually make the news, let alone the front page, quite the mystery and intrigue played out in the Council Chambers at Trent Lakes on Tuesday.


Resident Sharon Brickman was before Trent Lakes council to oppose an application for the purchase of the unopened road allowance and shore road allowance off Loom Lake Access Road in Galway.


Brickman said that as one of the registered owners of the neighbouring land she and others “use this public unopened road allowance and shore road allowance to access Loom Lake from their property for kayaking, canoeing, fishing and enjoying the lake view”. Further, she argued  that many people launch boats onto Loom Lake (at the boat launch) and use the small islands on the lake for recreational activities, and that the sale of the municipality’s half of the “island”  located at the end of the  unopened road allowance and accessible via a 10’ bridge will mean that the public will be unable to use this property for recreational purposes.


She also told Council that “this portion of the “island” provides nice waterfront access to Loom Lake while the shoreline fronting the area owned by the applicants is less attractive. She suggested that the sale of the subject property will result in the applicants going from owning an undesirable lake frontage to owning a lovely lake frontage while cutting off access to everyone else.”




Questions about application



On Friday, August 10, 2018, Mr. James Alexander Lawrason (Alex) celebrated his 100th birthday.

At a retirement home in Peterborough, Alex was surrounded by friends and family and dignitaries, all in attendance not only to help the centenarian celebrate his birthday, but to acknowledge his sacrifice and service to Canadians during World War 2.

Readers may remember a story the Lakefield Herald published on Mr. Lawrason’s illustrious career in the military back in 2016.


After the 98 year -old drove himself from Peterborough to Lakefield, World War II Veteran Alex Lawrason walked into the office of the Lakefield Herald in late September, 2016 and asked if anyone knew anything about a medal he had received from France. He proceeded to open a box with a shiny new French Legion of Honour medal, and the accompanying letter, in it. Alex has since given up his driver’s license.



Veteran Alex Lawrason turned 100



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Questions about application

Selwyn Township approves code of conduct for council

Douro-Dummer Fire Services receives smoke-C02 alarms

Lame Ducks in the Municipality of Trent Lakes

Brent Upper Tournament raises $21,000

BEL Rotary is "gearing up" again for a great cause

Lakefield Sidewalk Sale coverage

2018 Douro ward Councillor candidate Heather Watson

Veteran Lex Lawrason turned 100

Bondar Challenge in Warsaw

Yellow Ribbon Campaign


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Lame Ducks in Trent Lakes



Trent Lakes’ lame duck Council was in good humour on Tuesday as they sat through a forty-five minute public meeting, two separate delegations regarding a request to purchase an unopened road allowance and a delegation no show.


Following Adele Arbour’s request for Council’s approval for a consent application, Mayor Matthews said “I have a question for you. As you know, we’re lame ducks right now, since the end of July. So, how come we’re lame and we can’t okay any fences over $50,000 and yet we’re okay to approve a consent which creates a lot which is a lot more than $50,000? How come we’re only lame in some situations?”


“Like we just got our legs out of the cast now for this one. Does anyone else understand why we can walk in some areas but we can’t in others?” The mayor asked.


Kari Stevenson reluctantly responded that it was because the province says so.


Councillor Raymond said it doesn’t make it right.




"Unheralded" chronicles a week in the life of "The Lakefield Herald", a local newspaper published in Lakefield, Ontario. Whether writing about dog shows and 100th birthdays, or telling stories of citizen opposition and community loss - local news reporters have a difficult job, especially when the readers are their neighbours. "Unheralded" is an NFB-TVO Calling Card production.

Unheralded the documentary

Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee


The minutes of the June 20, 2017 Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee meeting are posted on the project website at should you, or any of your neighbours/colleagues wish to see them.