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Friday, November 27, 2015



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$1,100 Shopping Spree is on now!

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New look!

Christ Church Community Museum gets a face lift

The committee at Christ Church Community Museum is delighted to report that plaster repairs are being done at the 1873 historic stone church/museum on Queen Street in Lakefield. Over the past few years mortar repairs have been done and a new roof has been installed. When we felt confident that the leakage problems were solved we hired the services of Carol Jackson, a well-qualified stone mason, who does historic restoration almost exclusively on heritage buildings. After removing the layers of water damaged plaster she is now building up new layers with historic mortar mixes. In the spring of 2016 we have plans to have the interior painted.

Jackson assures us that the scaffolding will be down in time for us to do some dusting and decorate for our annual Christmas Tree Lighting on Sunday, November 29 at 4:00 p.m. We invite you to gather on the lawn, turn the lights on the tree for the season and then go into the warmth of the building to sing carols and enjoy Christmas goodies with apple cider.

The Mitchell family of Omemee will entertain us with violin/fiddle music and lead us in the singing of carols. For further info please call Gwen McMullen 705-652-3024.


Carol Jackson repairs plaster at Christ Church Community Museum in Lakefield.

The Morton Community Healthcare Centre Board of Directors would like to introduce Dr. Sonilla Majeed, who is the new Physician at the Jane Furber Clinic.

Dr. Majeed is replacing Dr. Jim Shipley who has retired. The MCHC Board is so grateful to Dr. Shipley for his tireless work and advice in setting up the Jane Furber Clinic in May of 2013 and we wish him good health in the future. Dr. Majeed graduated from the University of Toronto School of Medicine in 2010. She completed her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Toronto as well. She enjoys every aspect of Family Medicine with a special interest in women’s health and cosmetic dermatology. She is excited to join the Peterborough Family Health Team (Chemong FHO), to work alongside the very skilled and dedicated staff of the Jane Furber Clinic in Lakefield and to meet and get to know all of the clinic’s patients.

Dr. Majeed will take over Dr. Shipley’s patients and will oversee the urgent care work of our Nurse Practitioners at the Jane Furber Clinic. Dr. Shipley’s patients will receive a letter to this effect very soon. Patients are asked to look for this letter in the mail, and respond according to the instructions in the letter.

Since opening the doors on September 26 2009, over six years ago, the Board of MCHC continues the fundamental commitment to encouraging and establishing essential healthcare here in our community. That includes care for those without local family physicians and visitors or seasonal residents to our municipality.

Please contact the Jane Furber Clinic at 705-651-5000 if you are without a family doctor, or are a visitor or seasonal resident in need of urgent care.

New doctor officially welcomed to Jane Furber Clinic

 by terry gillis


Once Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, the winter blahs rapidly kick in here in the Kawarthas. For the 10th year now, thanks to the efforts and hard work of the Township of Selwyn and the many sponsors and volunteers throughout the community, we have our PolarFest Winter Festival to help us weather the winter blues.

This winter’s Festival will take place on February 5, 6 and 7. As with past years’ events, there will be a wide array of fun and exciting activities for the young and the young at heart.

PolarFest is a family winter festival that offers fun, healthy and entertaining activities for everyone. There will be opportunities for speed skating, pond hockey, canoe racing, cross-country skiing or, if you’re really adventurous, a guided night hike on the Lakefield Trail. For the less physically inclined festival goers, bundle up and watch the Ice People create amazing ice and snow sculptures, take a ride in an hot air balloon, relive the simpler days in a horse drawn carriage or check out the antique snowmobiles. And of course, it wouldn’t be PolarFest without a Polar Plunge.

As the time of the festival nears, you can follow the progress, changes and updates through the Lakefield Herald, or online at and

If you, your business, community group or organization plan on hosting ANY kind of event over the PolarFest 2016 weekend (February 5th-7th, 2016), you’ll want to let the Committee know! They’ll make sure that your event gets in the Special PolarFest 2016 Insert in the Lakefield Herald. For more information call Selwyn Township at (705) 292-9507 ext. 243 or email by December 1st, 2015.

LDSS Co-operative Education Work Fair

by Terry Gillis

For 75 minutes on Tuesday Morning (Nov. 24) LDSS Grade 12 Co-op Students had the opportunity to share their co-op experiences with the rest of the school as they presented a collage representing their placements.

Each student created a story board of sorts, depicting their program to date.

PolarFest coming soon


Content coming soon!

LDSS Co-op student of the week

Grade 8 tour attendance at LDSS a pleasant surprise

by terry gillis

In the LDSS Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) meeting on November 9, 2015, as part of the Trustee’s presentation, attendees were told that if “the current trend” of declining enrolment continued, that KPR projects that the number of Grade nine students for 2016 would be 29.

On Friday, November 20, Lakefield Secondary School Grade nine students (and staff) hosted approximately 72 Grade eight students from Apsley Public School, Warsaw Public School, and the Intermediate School at LDISS for the first of three Grade nine/high school tours. That’s well over double the KPR projected number of Grade nine students expected to be enrolling in LDSS next year.

The morning was filled with music, laughter, basketballs and books as the Grade eight visitors spent some time getting to know Principal Gray, some of the teachers and the school.

Prospective students participated in group activities that encouraged team building skills, camaraderie  and fun. The kids were divided into four groups and each group was required to perform an activity or complete a task in a specific period of time. The events all went smoothly until it came time to balance some text books on their heads while crossing a finish line.

The white team had a bit of trouble getting through the event and Principal Gray decided to step in and lend a hand on occasion.

After the fun in the gym, LDSS students took the 72 visitors around the school, showing them the different resources, classrooms and courses that will be available to them next year.

There were lots of smiles, comments and conversations among the students, both current and prospective, and the morning was a great success.