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Friday, February 16, 2018


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Dewi Jones, president of Abbeyfield Lakefield, presented Abbeyfield Canada’s powerpoint “Enhancing the quality of life for Canada’s Seniors”   Also presented was the progress of the Lakefield Society to date followed by a Q & A. (which will be posted on the society’s Face Book page)

Dr. Elizabeth Russell, asst. professor of psychology at Trent University gave a thorough explanation of the process involved in completing the survey and introduced the four undergraduate students who have been conducting the “Needs” survey on behalf of AHSL and who conducted the three focus groups during the second half of the meeting.  Results from both the Survey and the Forum will be available early April.

The AHSL would like to thank the following for their support:  The Royal Canadian Legion for providing the facility and set up, Sarah Bletsoe, Foodland for donating the refreshments, Mike Stedman for providing the projector for the Power Point Presentations.  Terry McQuitty of the Lakefield Herald and CHEX TV’s Newswatch Videographer, Niki Anastasakis.


Abbeyfield Public Meeting



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Douro-Dummer Septic Reinspection

Police Service Update

BEL Rotary new members

Heritage Day in Selwyn

MPP Leal before Selwyn Council

Peterborough County accepting nominations for Recognition Awards

PED wins Provincial Awards

Peterborough donors encouraged to replenish supplies

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Kawartha Nordic Ski Club Open for Business

Gardens of Peterborough sponsors Seniors Skating

Recycling in Lakefield

Tony Davidson recognized with Paul Harris


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Dewi Jones, president of Abbeyfield Lakefield hosted a public meeting last Thursday with approximatley 45 people in attendance. The focus was “Enhancing the quality of life for Canada’s Seniors”   based on the Abbeyfield plan.

No Septic Reinspection Program in Douro-Dummer

by Terry McQuitty The Township of Douro-Dummer has been examining the possibility of implementing a septic re-inspection program throughout the municipality. On two occasions council has invited the public and the Peterborough Public Health to explain how a system would have to work and who would be at the helm for such a program. Following the discussion it looked like Peterborrough Health would conduct the examinations of the systems and dictate whatever work would be required to the land owner. The Health Unit was also to keep an up to date database on all systems within the township. The cost for these examinations were to be $325 per home regardless if the septic system was in pristine working condition or not. Council also discussed how many units would be done in a year and how many years it would take to cover every system within the municipality. The issue of septic re-inspection was brought up by residents on lake front properties in hopes of protecting the environment. Throughout the public consultation process the two sticking points seemed to be the price at $325 and the fact that rural residents could look after their owns systems. Council had planned on discussing the re-inspection program at the December 5 council meeting, but it was deferred to Tuesday’s meeting as two of the five councillors were not present at the December 5 meeting. On Tuesday, the numbers remained the same as in December. Councillors Watts and Landsmann were absent, but the topic was tabled anyway. Deputy Mayor Karl Moher stated that he had prepared a resolution and was willing to table that resolution. The motion reads as follows: Whereas Douro-Dummer Council support an organized process for septic system inspections. Whereas the proposed new process suggested for septic tank inspections does not allow for appropriate recognition of Township residents who have in the past and will into the future manage their septic tanks systems as good stewards of their area environment. Whereas residents expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of financial recognition at Council meetings, public meetings, email and by telephone. Be it resolved that introduction of such a Septic Tank Inspection program in Douro-Dummer be delayed until a future date in 2019 or later when an appropriate process can be developed that recognizes those residents that manage their current septic systems as good stewards of their area environment. Council voted 3-0 in favour of the motion

Peterborough Police Service Business Plan Update with a twist

by Terry Gillis

At the Tuesday Selwyn council meeting, Peterborough Police Service Board (PPSB) Chair Bob Hall, accompanied by Peterborough Police Service Chief Murray Rodd and Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson, presented the 2017 - 2019 Business Plan Update.

As Hall told council, the Police Services Act requires every Police Service Board to prepare a business plan once every three years. In developing the plan, the Police Service Board compiled a number of statistics.

Hall told council that there has been a lot of change. “The province did propose their new and improved Police Service Act for us to consider and of course the regulations are still being developed and worked on, so part of our plan is to build in that flexibility to address any of the changing regulations or changing nature,” said Hall.

Ken East outlined the data collection and analysis part of the plan and highlighted some of the changes seen in the “numerical reality” of the communities they serve.

“We’re in the business of dealing with crime and criminal statistics, and these data kind of show you where the emphasis might be,” said East.

Overall, the crime severity index, which is an index based on a 100,000 population, has not changed in the Peterborough area. However, violent crimes severity has, which is a concern. Violent crimes have increased by more than 24 per cent since 2014.

Offsetting the increase in violent crimes,” says East, “non-violent offenses have decreased. Property crimes (i.e. break and enter, property damage, etc.) and youth crimes have also decreased since 2014.

Driving offences, generally, have increased and “that has to be a cause for concern,” said East. Impaired driving increased significantly by 35.5 per cent and other criminal code traffic violations are up 50 per cent over 2014. East commented that the criminal code statistics is partly a reflection of the reality, but partly a reflection of a good deal more strategic enforcement.

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“One of the huge demands of the police service are the non-criminal demands,” said East. These comprise in excess of 80 per cent of the calls.

Domestic and family disturbances saw a 10 per cent increase, “and that has to be alarming,” East says. Sudden deaths also increased. East said that the increase in sudden deaths doesn’t necessarily signal anything terrible, but could be related to the opioid crisis.

Mental health calls increased nearly 30 per cent. These calls can sometimes occupy two officers (as required for mental health calls) for up to three hours or more before the police are able to transfer the individual into the care of PRHC staff.

Overall, 2016 calls for service increased 14 per cent since 2014 and the population of the municipalities they serve increased 12.9 per cent.

Following the Business Plan overview, Deputy Mayor Senis commented that the plan mentioned trafficking, but she didn’t see any stats on human trafficking. “The OPP has said that this is becoming a problem in the county, and I’m wondering if you’re experiencing the same thing in the city and with Lakefield and Canvan-Monaghan.” She asked.

Chief Todd responded to Deputy Mayor Senis’ question saying that they do have a problem. “We have some hospitality destinations within our community that are used quite frequently by traffickers from the GTA. We’re making arrests almost on a weekly basis with respect to victims of human trafficking, and we’ve seen people as young as fifteen years of age involved in this type of, what is organized low-tech, hideous crime really.”

“It’s 2018 and we’re actually talking about human slavery in a real context, and it’s frightening that it’s in our own community. And in fact, it was hidden north of the 401 in communities like ours and now it’s being unveiled,” Chief Todd told Council.

Councillor Ballantyne asked about the hours taken up by officers on mental health issues and if the chief was anticipating any changes at the health care level.

Chief Todd replied that the demand around mental health issues is outstripping the capacity in just about every community.

Mayor Smith asked if there would be an annual report that could be sent to the township. She was told that some sort of status update could be arranged.

The final question, posed by Mayor Smith, was in regards to the community safety plans, which have been in the works for ten years, and whether a plan would be a collaboration of all the services. She was told that the province understands the issue and that the board doesn’t see a problem with the Peterborough Police Service, the OPP and the Anishnobee Police working together to develop one plan for the area.



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The minutes of the June 20, 2017 Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee meeting are posted on the project website at should you, or any of your neighbours/colleagues wish to see them.