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Mature Living feature article on how to protect your retirement.

Selwyn-DD Aid Agreement

Selwyn and Douro-Dummer soon to  complete auto aid agreement.

Renewable Energy

Updated Renewable Energy Protocols for Selwyn.


Friday, September 30, 2016


Canadian Publications Agreement No. 40727545

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Covering the East Kawarthas

Lakefield Chiefs season starts off on the right foot

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Olympic Bronze Medalist, Hannah Darling in her hometown of Warsaw Ontario

Terry Gillis

Lakefield artist Stephanie Ford Forrester turned her classic training in painting and sculpture into a unique form of artistic expression. A resident of Lakefield for over twenty-five years, Stephanie opened her home/studio to the public for the 32nd Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour that showcased Peterborough County artisans and ran from Saturday, September 24 to Sunday, September 25.

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Selwyn-DD Auto Aid Agreement

by Terry Gillis

At the Tuesday, September 27 Selwyn Council Meeting, Fire Chief Gord Jopling presented Council with a proposed Automatic Aid Agreement for Douro-Dummer.

Chief Jopling was seeking direction and approval from Council.

As was reported in the August 9, 2016 issue of the Lakefield Herald, Douro-Dummer Fire Chief, Chuck Pedersen presented a report to Douro-Dummer Council explaining that recruitment for Fire Station #3 in Douro had not gone as planned and an alternative was being sought. Fire Station #3 is located at 1612 Fifth Line Road, Douro and County Rd #6. With this station being located so close to the Selwyn border an automatic aid agreement would make sense. The agreement would include the Selwyn fire stations located in Lakefield and Young’s Point.

In his report, Chief Jopling recommended that the Township of Selwyn advise the Township of Douro-Dummer that it is willing to enter into an Automatic Aid Agreement in accordance with the provisions outlined in the draft agreement and that consideration be given to repealing the stand alone automatic aid agreements related to services provided to the Lakefield College School and the Morton Medical Centre and incorporating applicable provisions into the new agreement to create a comprehensive Automatic Aid Agreement.

The Township of Douro-Dummer has requested that the Township of Selwyn consider entering into an Automatic Aid Agreement for a designated area in the North West portion of Douro Ward. This agreement would provide for the Selwyn Fire Department to be the first response for fires, motor vehicle collisions (MVC) and medical calls. Carbon Monoxide type calls without symptoms, smoke alarms, hydro calls and burning complaints will continue to be responded to by Douro-Dummer fire personnel..



OPP cautions against scammers operating in our area



How KPR students are doing

by Terry gillis

EQAO, OSSLT results released for KPRSD


The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) released board-by-board and school-by-school results of Grades 3, 6 and 9 testing this week, as well as Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test results.

KPR DSB consists of 89 elementary and secondary schools.

The EQAO assesses and evaluates important aspects of the quality and effectiveness of elementary and secondary school education. It provides schools and boards with a wide range of data about their students’ achievements, attitudes, behaviour and demographics.

The EQAO report, which is delivered to each school board in Ontario, presents data on assessments of reading, writing and math for Grade 1-3 and 4-6 students and applied and academic math for Grade 9 students so boards can track their progress over time.

According to the report, because of the labour action in the English-language school system, 2015 was an unusual year in that not all students participated in the provincial assessments.

Another significant development over the past year has been the number of refugee and displaced students that have joined Ontario’s school system.

Of the 2,188 Grade 3 students in the KPR Board, 69% were at or above the provincial standard for reading levels; 70% were at or above the provincial standard for writing levels and 57% at or above the provincial standard for mathematics levels.

Of the 2,213 Grade 6 students in the KPR Board, 77% were at or above the provincial standard for reading levels; 74% were at or above the provincial standard for writing levels; and 40% were at or above the provincial standard for math levels.

Of the 773 Grade 9 students in the KPR Board enrolled in Applied Mathematics courses, 52% were at or above the provincial standard for applied math levels. Of the 1,246 Advance Mathematics students in the KPR District, 80% were at or above the provincial standard.

Grade 9 KPR students’ overall level declined slightly last year (from 2011-2015 school years) on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), with 95% of the 2,118 participating students at or above provincial standards. Down from 96%.

This test (OSSLT) captures the performance of  students at one point in time each year.

Overall, the report showed that KPR generally has maintained improvements made in reading and writing over time, while results in mathematics remain a concern.

Individual student reports are being sent home at the end of September.

Kawartha Dr. and Grant Ave. residents  present Council with a petition

by Terry gillis

Nicole Cameron, on behalf of residents of Kawartha Drive and Grant Avenue in Lakefield took the opportunity, at the September 27 Selwyn Council meeting, to present Council with a petition and to discuss the repaving of these two roads in August of this year.

According to Public Works Manager, Steve Crough, the roads in question had been resurfaced with tar and chip in August of this year.

Residents of the area brought their concerns to council over the loose gravel and the unevenness of the roadways.

The Kawartha Drive and Grant Avenue residents stated that they understood that the road surface was supposed to be 3/8” gravel. However, as many photographs attest to, the gravel mixture used by Royale Paving consists of many loose, sharp stones much larger than 3/8”.

Steve Crough told Council, Ms. Cameron, and other residents in the gallery that the Public Works Department uses their own material and crush it to the specifications required.

The Public Works Manager stated that because of the low volume of traffic on the two roads, the gravel hasn’t yet been compacted.

According to one of the statements on the petition, many residents, especially the elders and disabled, find it very difficult to walk on the loose, rough, uneven surface.

Residents are also concerned about the effect plowing will have on the loose surface. Property owners are weary of the rocks being pushed onto their lawns throughout the winter.

Ms. Cameron requested that Council apply a second layer of tar and chip to the road before the end of the construction season.

Steve Crough advised Council and residents to be patient and allow the road to compact. If, in the spring, the road is still uneven, it will be given priority for a second resurfacing.

Council agreed with the Public Works Manager’s suggestion and asked residents to be patient.

Unheralded the documentary

"Unheralded" chronicles a week in the life of "The Lakefield Herald", a local newspaper published in Lakefield, Ontario. Whether writing about dog shows and 100th birthdays, or telling stories of citizen opposition and community loss - local news reporters have a difficult job, especially when the readers are their neighbours. "Unheralded" is an NFB-TVO Calling Card production.