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All seniors skate

Regency Retirement Lakefield sponsoring all senior skates.


Remembrance Services coverage in our area.

Chiefs still in first

Mojack's move within two point of Lakefield Chiefs.


Friday, November 17, 2017


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Covering the East Kawarthas



Terry McQuitty

Performing Arts Lakefield hosted the Penderecki Quartet on November 3 at the Bryan Jones Theatre at Lakefield College School. The next concert in the PAL 2017-18 concert series is on February 2, 2018 featuring Valdy.   More pictures here.


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Selwyn Township reviews strategic plan

Trent Lakes approves Fire Prevention/Training Officer

Mayor J. Murray Jones absent due to health

Selwyn Council waives aquatic vegetation tipping fees

PKT takes home two provincial awards

Mojacks move with two points of Lakefield Chiefs

Boosting veggies and fruit with kids -Doing it Together!

Regency Retirement Lakefield sponsors All Senior Skates

Coverage of Remembrance Services in our area


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Christmas in Lakefield

$1,000 Shopping Spree


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Editorial by Terry McQuitty

Reflections by Terry Gillis

Bird Column by Rachel Lancashire

Book Review by Barry Mutter

@yourlibrary by Kacie Gardiner

Story Time at the Buckhorn Library

Golden Years Club Update





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Selwyn reviews draft strategic plan

by terry gillis

Chief Administrative Officer, Janice Lavalley, provided Selwyn Council with a draft of the 2018 Strategic Plan on Tuesday evening. The Township began an update of its 2012 Corporate Strategic Plan.

The firm of Monteith Brown Planning Consultants (MBPC) was engaged to assist with the consultation component of the update and to assist the Township in reconfirming its Vision and Mission Statements, Values, Goals and other over-arching elements of the Strategic Plan.

Lavalley reported that the review of the 2012 Corporate Strategic Plan is well underway.

A workshop was held on September 22, 2017 involving all members of the senior management team. The workshop, facilitated by Monteith Brown, allowed for a discussion of the current Strategic Plan as well as an opportunity to consider strategic initiatives for the 2018 update.

According to the CAO, there was consensus among staff and council that the Plan’s current Vision, Mission, Values and Goals were for the most part still relevant. A few suggestions were made to make some of the statements sharper and more concise.

The proposed updates are:

Vision: A progressive, sustainable community

Mission: Leader in providing innovative and effective municipal services



Trent Lakes approves Fire Prevention/Training Officer

by terry gillis

As was reported in the October 20, 2017 edition of the Lakefield Herald, at the October 17 Trent Lakes council meeting, Director of Emergency Services, Chief Don Mitchell asked council to consider adding one full-time Fire Prevention / Training Officer to the Fire Department in 2018.


Chief Mitchell said that the Fire Department Staff reviewed current operations and determined that there are several areas which are not adequately staffed. Because Trent Lakes firefighters are volunteers, many are unable to spare the time needed for fire prevention and training.


At the October meeting, Mayor Matthews said she would feel more comfortable with a part-time position “because we’ve never had one and it’s a lot of money.”


Mayor Matthews also said that it was her “personal thought that we need to look into this more.”


Councillor Raymond said he felt that a full-time person “is the only way to go.”

Councillor Lambshead, a volunteer firefighter himself said he was amazed that Trent Lakes Council hadn’t (hired a dedicated Fire Prevention/Training Officer) “done this sooner.” He said that having a fire prevention officer may prevent fires.


Council deferred the report from the Fire Chief regarding the addition of a Fire Prevention/Training Officer pending further information.


On November 7, 2017 Chief Mitchell, Director of Emergency Services, presented Council with additional information as requested.


In his report, Mitchell outlined the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997’s  mandates  for three lines of defense and how Trent Lakes has historically been able to successfully achieve these mandates:


1.  Public Education

2.  Fire Safety Standards Enforcement

3.  Emergency Response




Mayor J. Murray Jones absent due to health

by terry gillis

The Township of Douro-Dummer is notifying the public that Mayor J. Murray Jones is absent from his duties while he recovers from recent surgery.

“I am on the mend and will be back holding the gavel at the Council table soon. I want to thank my wife, Anne, my family as well as all my friends and neighbours for their support,” stated Mayor J. Murray Jones.

The date of Mayor Jones’ return to his duties is not known at this time, but it is hopeful that it will be in the beginning of the New Year. While Mayor Jones recovers, Deputy Mayor Moher will assume any necessary tasks in the absence of the Mayor. “Council will ensure that the Township of Douro-Dummer continues to operate in our usual manner,” said Mayor Jones.



Unheralded the documentary

"Unheralded" chronicles a week in the life of "The Lakefield Herald", a local newspaper published in Lakefield, Ontario. Whether writing about dog shows and 100th birthdays, or telling stories of citizen opposition and community loss - local news reporters have a difficult job, especially when the readers are their neighbours. "Unheralded" is an NFB-TVO Calling Card production.

Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee


The minutes of the June 20, 2017 Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee meeting are posted on the project website at should you, or any of your neighbours/colleagues wish to see them.