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Terry McQuitty

On Monday morning Evan Welker, and her grandfather Stuart Harrison, braved the cold and snow to attend the Lakefield Remembrance Day ceremonies to pay their respects to those who fought for our freedom.

Selwyn receives one time provincial grant

by Vanessa Stark

Selwyn Township has been given a one time Modernization & Efficiency Grant to help support efficiency and reduce expenditure growth in the longer term.

With the 2020 final budget approval not likely until February, Council has decided to implement Phase 1 which includes:

• Website Enhancements

• Implementation of a Municipal App

• Financial Services Software - Request for Quote

• Asset Management Software

• Large Format Scanner and Printer

• Municipal Office – Improved Space Utilization

Website upgrades, which have not been done to the township site since 2009 would include upgrading to a new version and migrating current content to a new website platform.

The implementation of a Township app will make information on the township website easily obtained from smartphones. An example used for this would be: a resident wants to know what day their garbage collection is. If they don’t have the App on their phone, they would have to access a web browser on the phone and search for the Township of Selwyn then they would have to navigate through the website to find their collection day.

If they have the App, they would simply open up the App and click on ‘Garbage and Recycling” and they would be connected directly to this section of the website.

Financial Service Software would replace various software modules used to complete financial services tasks, with a complete Enterprise Resource Planning which will integrate applications across different departments.

Large Format Scanner and Printer would be used to support the building and planning department to share large format drawings and plans electronically

They will also be improving municipal office working spaces to support staff work stations. The plan is intended to maximize space renovating and eliminating an office and small storage space to create a large open work space.

In a report presented to council future Phases for the grant money include :

Modernization & Efficiency Grant Implementation – Phase 1 November 12, 2019 Page 7 of 8

• Building and Planning Permit Software – recommendation to come forward as part of the building and planning services review currently underway

• Digitization of paper records – goal to decrease paper filing needs to free-up work space, improve access to records and implement work flow processes and other digital approvals

• Recreation Services Booking software – source a new booking software for the booking of recreation facilities (ice time, hall rentals, fields etc..)

• E-commerce – including digital billing opportunities and on-line payments

• Project management – fund a contract (or second existing staff) to coordinate and integrate systems to maximize software, hardware and to ensure quality control.

Phase one of the grant is estimated to come to a total of $108,885 which does not include the cost impact of the Financial Services Software, which will be determined following the request for a quote. The total amount of the Modernization & Efficiency Grant is $627,696.





Wayfinding signs back on the table in Douro-Dummer

by Terry McQuitty

Peterborough and the Kawartha Tourism (PKT), a division of  Peterborough Economic Development is working towards a county wide project featuring wayfinding signs. The idea is to increase the numbers of visitors to key attractions and tourism businesses throughout the region and to boost the local economy through increased spending.

The project was originally introduced in 2008. In 2017/18 the organization received approval to move forward with phase one which includes a strategy and a toolkit which will be used moving forward. In 2018/19 PKT received approval to move forward with phase two which includes a location plan and design intent. Finally in 2019/20 PKT wants to move forward with Rural Economic Development (RED) applications.

The plan was to have all townships within the county support the RED application by committing to a dollar value which would make up the applicants portion. The RED money is to be used to develop kiosks.

This issue was discussed at the September 3 Douro-Dummer council meeting.  A motion was moved by Councillor Watt Seconded by  Deputy Mayor Moher that the report to Council, dated August 26, 2019, regarding the Wayfinding Signage Program be received and that a letter of support be provided to the Peterborough and Kawartha Economic Development as a contributing partner for their RED application for the Regional Tourism Wayfinding Signage Program and further that $12,250 be allocated in the 2020 budget for our contribution to the Regional Tourism wayfinding Signage Program.

The motion was defeated.

Fast forward to the regular council meeting of November 5. Tracie Bertrand, Director of Tourism and Communications for PKT led a delegation to explain the plan for wayfinding signage. The ten minute delegation talked about the set up and the plan to move slowly forward understanding that in the present economic climate municipalities have to keep a closer eye on their finances than ever.

Bertrand ended her delegation with a pre written resolution in the hopes that council would see fit to pass. The resolution read as follows:

•  Whereas Council has endorsed in principal the Tourism Wayfinding Signage Toolkit and directed the Technical Advisory Committee to finalize the requirements of the toolkit and report back with next steps for the proposed development of a Regional Tourism Wayfinding signage program for further consideration by council •  Now therefore be it resolved that Council endorses in principle the Tourism Wayfinding System Design Intent, Location Plan, Strategic Follow documents and refers the Regional Tourism Wayfinding signage program for consideration as a component of the 2020 budget review.

It was at this point that councillor Heather Watson questioned procedures. Watson asked why the resolution was being tabled when it was defeated at the September 3 meeting. A lengthy discussion followed with staff and councillors trying to find the correct way to move forward.

CAO Dave Clifford told council that they could reconsider the previous motion to address wayfinding signs.

Mayor J Murray Jones told those in attendance that they passed on the program in September because they were preoccupied with the condition of the township’s roads and spending money on anything but roads was not on the radar.

Deputy mayor Karl Moher thought it was important to take part in the wayfinding project as it would help brand the county.

It was moved that the ask for $12,500 be moved to the budget allocations for 2020 and a recorded vote was requested. The new motion to address wayfinding in the budget was passed with a 4-1 recorded vote with Watson being the only councillor to vote against.


The Dave Smith United Way Sledge Hockey Challenge

Tuesday Dave Smith, Member of Parliament for Peterborough-Kawartha, and United Way Peterborough and District are pleased to announce a joint event, the Dave Smith United Way Sledge Hockey Challenge.

Sledge hockey is designed for players who have a physical disability. Players are seated on sleds and use customized hockey sticks with metal teeth on the tips to navigate the ice. Otherwise the game remains the same with respect to rules and much of the same equipment.

 The Dave Smith United Way Sledge Hockey Challenge will have two blended teams with MPP Smith’s fellow Members of Provincial Parliament, players from the Blazers, and donors to this event. The game will consist of two twenty minute periods with a skills competition in between. All proceeds will go to the United Way of Peterborough and District.

“I am grateful to MPP Smith and his staff for helping the United Way to realize a truly innovative undertaking that combines sports, support for persons with disabilities, and the best of local and provincial partnerships.” – David Goyette is the 2019 Chair for United Way of Peterborough and District.

“I’ve been involved with sports related activities and events for years. I haven’t had a lot of time for this since being elected but this provides us with a great opportunity.” MPP Smith said. “My past efforts weren’t done simply because I love hockey. I did it because hockey provides us, especially the differently-abled, with so much. It teaches us commitment, determination and team work. It brings us together and strengthens the fabric of our community. I am so proud to play this small part – and prouder still of the benefit it will have in Peterborough-Kawartha through the amazing work of the United Way.”

The Dave Smith United Way Sledge Hockey Challenge will be held on Sunday November 17th at the Douro Arena. The game will be from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. This is a free event and all are welcome to come to what will prove to be a fun afternoon for the family.


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