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Terry McQuitty

The Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough hosted the 2nd annual Down Syndrome Awareness Fun Walk in Lakefield on Saturday to raise awareness about Down’s Syndrome. Walkers were sprayed with colour powder as they walked the 2km course around the village. The colours represent diversity as there is no one group of people who are affected by Down’s Syndrome. Over 400 people registered for the walk.

All-candidates meetings in our region

by Vanessa Stark

With election season right around the corner, candidates are beginning to campaign, signs are going up, and debates are starting.

This month, there will be two All-Candidates Meetings where the public is invited to come out and listen to the candidates from all parties discuss what their platforms, ideas, and promises are.

The first will be held at the Buckhorn Community Centre on Monday, Sept. 23rd. It will start at 6:30 p.m. with debates starting at 7:00 p.m. and will be sponsored by the Buckhorn Ratepayers Association and moderated by Trent Lakes councillor Carol Armstrong.

“We are providing an opportunity for ratepayers in our area to hear the candidates’ answers to issues important in this area” Marlys Kerkman, Chair of the Ratepayers Association said.  “Such as providing jobs for young people to remain here, water quality, price of housing.”

The second All-Candidates Meeting will be held in Lakefield at the Legion Branch 77 on Wednesday Sept. 25th. Sponsored by the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, along with the Lakefield Herald and the Lakefield Legion, the meeting will start at 7 p.m. and be moderated by local author John Boyko.

“We hope that the business community and the general public will join us for this important meeting.” Mike Walker, Board President of the Chamber said. “It will be a great opportunity to become an informed voter by hearing from each candidate their views on issues that are of importance to Peterborough-Kawartha and all Canadians.”

All candidates will be attending both meetings. They include: Maryam Monsef (Liberal), Michael Skinner (Conservative), Candace Shaw (NDP), Andrew MacGregor (Green Party), and Alex Murphy (People’s Party).



Trent Lakes forgives Lakehurst Hall loan

by Marnie Clement

Trent Lakes council has agreed to release the Lakehurst Hall Board from an agreement to pay the municipality $5,000 a year to pay for a parking lot beside the hall beginning next year.

The hall board has repaid $30,000 of the $50,000 owed, but board member Gwen Gillespie Connell said in a letter to council that the repayment is the board’s largest financial commitment and that fundraising has put a great deal of strain on them.

The municipality purchased the land where the Lakehurst General Store used to be in 2012 for $190,000.  The store was demolished and replaced with a parking lot adjacent to the community hall.

Gillespie Connell also said that when the original agreement was negotiated, it stated that the municipality would re-negotiate the agreement with the hall if the parking lot was severed.  The lot was severed and sold by the municipality in May of 2017 for $36,000, but the agreement has not been renegotiated.

Municipal Treasurer Donna Teggart said that staff have not been able to find a copy of a formal agreement, but just information on discussions at the time that indicated that the agreement would be renegotiated once the severed lot was sold.  She said the 2019 municipal budget includes the $5,000 payment for 2019.

Council agreed that the $5,000 payment should be made for 2019 because it is in this year’s budget, but forgive the payments starting in 2020.




Please be advised that your power will be turned off on Sunday, September 29, 2019 from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  This outage has been initiated by Hydro One to replace poles in the surrounding area.

We suggest that if you have a security system, that you notify the security company of the upcoming outage and disconnect any sensitive electronic equipment.

PDI apologizes for the inconvenience to its customers. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 705-748-6900 or  if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Planned power outage for Lakefield

Sunday, September 29, 2019

from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon



Douro-Dummer spends provincial efficiency funds

by Terry McQuitty

Douro-Dummer received some surprise funding from the province in March of this year. Money received was to be directed towards efficiencies within the municipality. Initiatives could include projects such as the modernization of service delivery,  capital investments that would cut costs down the road or shared service agreements. Douro-Dummer banked $591,826 from the Ford government.

At the April 16 council meeting staff was directed to move forward with finalizing pricing for all the projects noted in the report. Clifford told council that they now have pricing on the majority of projects listed on the original report, however some are a few months old and may require updating, but still fit within the purview.

Projects and pricing as follows:

1) Website - the township has not posted an RFP, but has consulted with other municipalities and are confident the work can be done for $50,000

2) New agenda software - Also to be able to accommodate live streaming council meetings. The cost is estimated at $17,000

3) Live Streaming of council meetings - The equipment required would run $ $16,000

4) Electronic building permitting system - this program is under way. The township is looking to recoup costs through the grant as well as an additional $16,000 which will be required in the future.

5) GPS System for all our public works vehicles - there is presently $31,500 in the budget, but that would not be enough to complete the project. The projected cost to complete the project would be $10,000.

6) Service Delivery Review - An RFP was issued with two respondents. The lowest quote was $56,500. The process would take six months.

7) Insulation and duct work at the Douro Community Centre - this work is projected to cost $7,000

8) Communications upgrades for the Fire Department and Public Works - Council has already approved this project, but funding would be spread over three years. $73,000 would allow all the work to be done at once.

After monies are directed to these projects a balance of $346,326 remains. Clifford suggested two options.

Option 1: Solar panels  on the Warsaw Community Centre. Clifford said that according to previous engineering reports the upgrades to the roof would be $80,000 for the Warsaw property. Clifford said they chose Warsaw over Douro because upgrades to Douro would have been $350,000.

The lowest proposal to install panels on the  Warsaw roof is $534,659 and this does not include HST nor does it include any roof upgrades as noted above. Payback for this investment would be between six to eight years.

Option 2:

To assist with the construction of the new public works/fire facility. The building would be built to  a net-zero energy standard saving considerable funds over the life of the building. The total cost of this project is in the $3 million range.

Options one and two for the balance of the money has been deferred until more detailed reports can be presented to council.

Councillor Heather Watson asked Clifford if there was a time frame in which the money had to be spent.

Clifford responded that the province has not given detail on time line or reporting procedures.

Deputy mayor Karl Moher moved that recommendations one through eight be with the exception of six which was the service delivery review. Moher thought it was premature.

Councillor Watson suggested an amendment to the motion which would include the service review, but it would not be acted upon until the new year.

Moher agreed to the amendment, but wanted the stipulation that a new RFP was issued and a discussion with council take place before the review start. Moher wanted to make sure reflected council’s wishes.

The motion was passed.



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