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Terry Gillis

Miss Audrey Carver (2) attended the Buckhorn Spring Craft Show on Sunday with Mom Taralyn Carver and friends. Little Audrey was very happy to be able to test out her new Princess apron with a bright red candy apple.  The Buckhorn Community Centre was abuzz with visitors like Audrey and Taralyn over the Victoria Day weekend.. Go here for more photos.

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Selwyn shows a surplus in 2017

Selwyn's proposed Development Charges to decrease

Precarious employment in Peterborough: survey results are in

County commits up to almost $1M to improve cell and internet service

Storm damage on the James A. Gifford Causeway and Gannon's Narrows Causeway

Lakefield Horticultural Society plant sale this Saturday

LDSP Official Opening photo coverage

Peterborough County Council completes pledge to Hospice Peterborough

2018Peterborough County Recognition Award winners

Knights of Columbus Appreciation Night



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Mature Living

Seniors are becoming more tech-savvy


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Selwyn's Development Charges proposed to decrease

by Terry Gillis


Overall residential and non-residential development charges (DC) are expected to be reduced by approximately 10 per cent,  and Lakefield South DC’s are proposed to increase by about 10 per cent in the new Development Charges by-law for Selwyn.


Very few members of the public (one to be exact) attended the Public Meeting at the Selwyn Council Chambers which had been held to present and obtain public input on the Township’s proposed development charges by-law and underlying background study.


Municipalities have DC by-laws that are good for 5 years. At the end of the 5 year term, the by-laws expire and municipalities then have to go through a background study to pass a new by-law in order to continue to impose the charges.


At the April 26 Special Council Meeting, representatives from Watson & Associates presented Council with the Development Charges (D.C.) Background Study.


In addition to having a background study done, as part of the process, a  public meeting has to be held, and Council is now required (by law) to make the study available in the public domain 60 days prior to the by-law being passed.




County commits up to almost $1M to improve cell and internet service



Peterborough County approved funding close to $1M in support of improving cellphone service and broadband internet service in Eastern Ontario.


On May 16, Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) CEO David Fell was at County Council to ask for $40,000 --the County’s share-- for a cell gap analysis and up to $930,000 for the EOWC/EORN Cell Project.


What David Fell and EORN are proposing is a project to expand cellular coverage and  broadband internet service with a price tag of $213M.

In his presentation, Fell noted that the $200M investment would:


- Grow the region’s economy and create jobs (+3,000)

- Improve public safety

- Improve health care delivery

- Support Ontario’s push to 5G and the new digital economy

- Provide an additional option to connect to the internet


Before a shovel hits the ground however, a detailed technical and financial analysis is required which is estimated to cost $520,000.



Storm damage on the James A. Gifford Causeway and Gannon's Narrows Causeway

Damage to County causeways from the storm of May 4th has been assessed by engineers and County Council have approved repairs to both the James A. Gifford Causeway and the Gannon’s Narrows Causeway.  Staff are working with local approval authorities to coordinate the exact timing of the work, so as not to disturb fish spawning habitat.


The County will provide exact timelines for the work as soon as it is available.


While the damage is significant, the public is advised that both causeways are safe to travel.


“County Council has made the decision to approve the recommended work on both causeways to ensure continued use of these important vehicular routes in the County”, said Warden Joe Taylor.  “We will continue to ensure the public is made aware of the timing and status of the work in the coming weeks”.

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Unheralded the documentary

Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee


The minutes of the June 20, 2017 Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee meeting are posted on the project website at should you, or any of your neighbours/colleagues wish to see them.