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Trent Lakes supports MAAC recommendations


May 19, 2017




At the Trent Lakes Council meeting Tuesday (May 16), Council received a number of recommendations and requests for direction to staff from the Mining and Aggregate Advisory Committee (MAAC) regarding the resolutions carried at the MAAC’s April 12 meeting.

At the April 12 MAAC meeting, Nicholas Schulz, Executive Director of the Cornerstone Standards Council made a presentation regarding the Cornerstone standards for quarry operators. The Committee thought it would be beneficial to hold an information session with representatives from Cornerstone for local pit and quarry operators and passed a resolution requesting Council consider hosting the information session.

Council supported the request to host the information session. No date or time was set.

At the direction of Council in August, 2016,  to develop an information package,  the Mining and Aggregate Advisory Committee finalized the Aggregate Information Package which consists of a balanced, non-technical information sheet with contact information for agencies and groups of interest and which incorporates an updated Aggregate Resource map created by Chris Jones. The information is to be distributed by the Municipality through the Municipal website and the Building/Planning Department front counter.

Council approved the Information Package draft and the distribution methods recommended.

The final resolution passed at the April 12 MAAC meeting related to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s proposed changes to Regulation 244/97 regarding aggregate fees and royalties. The Committee supported the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) proposal to increase royalties, equalizing private licenses and crown permits. The Committee also recommended that Council stay engaged in the process and submit a positive comment on the Environmental Registry.

Council approved the support of the MNRF and the submission of a comment to the Environmental Registry.