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Trent Lakes endorses Wayfinding Project


October 20, 2017




At the October 17 Trent Lakes council meeting, Tracie Bertrand, Director of Tourism & Communications for Peterborough and The Kawarthas Tourism, and Peter Nielson, Manager of Technical Services with the County of Peterborough gave a presentation on the Kawarthas Tourism and Wayfinding Project.

During the initial stages of the project a Technical Advisory Committee was established which included representatives from all eight lower-tier municipalities, the City of Peterborough and Curve Lake First Nation. CAO, Lois O’Neill-Jackson sits on the committee for Trent Lakes.

The main objective of a wayfinding program is to provide visitors and residents with information to easily access local attractions, parks, historical buildings and meeting venues.

At the beginning of the presentation, Bertrand and Nielson discussed the current signage, lack of wayfinding signs and their varying states of disrepair throughout the county.

Bertrand said that as part of a consultation, following a two-day examination of the county, Form: Media, a design firm specializing in signage, asked “if there was a pest problem in the Kawarthas.” Bertrand explained that consultants saw more pest control signs than directional signs.

Nielson and Bertrand told council that they were not asking for any kind of financial support at this time since the project is still in phase one. Rather, the presenters were seeking council endorsement.

With municipal endorsement, Peterborough and The Kawarthas Tourism plans to develop a tourism wayfinding signage toolkit which will include a set of strategies and a set of sign designs which can be used throughout the county and participating townships.

Mayor Matthews jokingly said that she wondered if they [Form: Media] would wonder if Trent Lakes has a dead tree problem because of all the tree removal signs in the municipality.

On a more serious note, Councillor Persson asked if the county sign program can co-exist with the Provincial sign program. Bertrand replied that it could, but that the Tourism Wayfinding signs would have to be distinct.

Council resolved to receive the presentation and endorse the Tourism Wayfinding Project.