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Trent Lakes' new public works depot delayed


December 08, 2017




Tyler Peters of Greenview Environmental Management presented Council with a design presentation for the new Central Public Works Depot on Tuesday afternoon.


Greenview’s design is proposing a new 21,500 square foot (2000m2) 210’ x 100’ facility that will include four maintenance bays, a ten vehicle storage bay, two vehicle/equipment bays, administrative offices, including training/meeting space, and washroom and locker spaces.


The facility will be a single building arrangment which will increase storage capacity and is designed for optimal energy efficiency as well as improved environmental benefits.


According to Greenview’s report, the current depot has a high GHG emission and very poor energy performance. Emission models indicate that the new facility will reduce GHG  (to 2020) by 72 percent --180 tonnes CO2e-- which translates to 46 percent of the Municipality’s CCAP target.


Also noted in the presentation was the improvement to water conservation and reuse, drainage and stormwater management with the new design.

Peters told council that the new depot was an ideal project for funding from the Municipal GHG Challenge Fund. An application was submitted on November 17.


The next step in the process, said Peters, is to complete detailed design and engineering specifications, prepare a construction documentation tender  and issue the construction tender (mid January), then review construction tenders.


Greenview expects construction to begin in early 2019 and costs range from $3.9M to $5.3M for the total project (includes exterior improvements, furnishings, etc) or $3.1M to $4.2M for the building alone.


Following Peters’ presentation council members asked a number of technical questions before Councillor Persson said that “this is a significant project, and we need it.”


Persson then made a motion to receive the presentation and to call a special meeting to review all the documentation, estimates and studies completed and submitted so far.  Councillor Raymond seconded the motion.


Before the vote was called, Councillor Lambshead asked The Greenview consultant what the size of the lot was and asked about the 75 percent unutilized land on the site.


Peters was unable to provide the lot size and commented that the u-utilized property was to accommodate future expansion of the facility.


CAO Lois O’Neill-Jackson told Council that the Municipality has invested a significant amount of money in the project already and a delay will (resulting from the special meeting) of a few months could result in the loss of their funding opportunities.


Mayor Bev Matthews said that this delegation and presentation was about “listening to Tyler and not about starting from square one.”


Mayor Matthews said she would not support Councillor Persson's motion.


Councillor Raymond asked Peters what the life span of the building was and asked for examples of similar work on other depots.


Peters responded that the proposed design has an estimated life-span of 50 to 60 years and provided Raymond with a list of municipal projects Greenview has completed.


Council noted that the new public works depot was the most significant project in municipal history.


O’Neill-Jackson asked Council how in depth they wanted to get into. She then commented that she was not sure what the meeting will achieve. “I’m afraid of extra costs and the loss of $600,000 in funding if the project is delayed. O’Neill-Jackson said. She also stated that “everything has been approved to date, by Council all along. We’ve approved all the steps.”


Deputy Mayor Windover said that he was concerned that it (public works depot) is not in the right place. He said that,” it should have been done at 36 and 507 and no one thinks its in the right place.”


Mayor Matthews reminded Deputy Mayor Windover that “it is not appropriate to the presenter to dig up all the old stuff.”

Mayor Matthews called for the vote on the motion put forward by Councillor Persson. The motion was carried by a vote of 4 to 1.