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Tecasy Ranch Proposal in Trent Lakes


July 21, 2017




The Trent Lakes Building and Planning Department received a complete application on January 13, 2017 for amendments to the Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-law for 38 Bolton’s Road, just off County Road 36, from Kent Randall, EcoVue Consulting Services Inc. on behalf of Tecasy Ranch and property owners Brydon and Stacey Cruise.

The proposal includes amendments to the Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-law to redesignate and rezone a portion of the subject lands in order to permit a recreational facility known as Tecasy Ranch. The recreational facility will be capable of hosting events for non-profit groups and mainly used for mountain biking, but may also include hiking and cross-country skiing in the winter.

The applicants propose to host up to four events per year, with no more than 100 people attending. Brydon Cruise assured Council that there would be no motorized vehicle sports or events on the property.

The proposed facilities on the site include a 372 m2 (4000 ft2) mess hall, a comfort station with washroom and shower facilities, 12 outdoor sleeping cabins and an outdoor pavilion.

The Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments are required to address the more commercial nature of the proposal, including mess hall for eating, washroom facility, multiple guest cabins, camp ground, parking, and servicing.

Prior to the July 11 Council meeting, a neighbouring property owner located at 33 Bolton’s Road raised a number of concerns. However, during the applicant’s comments and brief presentation to council, the neighbour at 33 Bolton’s Rd. was satisfied that Mr. Randall has taken measures to address the issues of concern.

Shawn Brennan, another neighbour was not satisfied with the steps and assurances Tecasy Ranch owner Brydon Cruise  provided. Mr. Brennan was concerned about the possibility of substantial equity devaluation, transient traffic and safety issues.

Councillor Lambshead did offer some suggestions that could held ease the property owner’s concerns of speed and traffic on Bolton’s Rd.

Mayor Matthews commented that she felt it was a lot of expense and effort, and a waste to just use the facilities four times a year. Cruise remarked that it was his understanding that he agreed with the mayor, and that it was his understanding that it was a township restriction.

Amanda Warren commented on the condition being part of the early planning process, and that before coming to council again, the restriction, or perceived restriction will be looked at.

Council members were very supportive of the project though, at this meeting, Planning Technician Amanda Warren was only asking that Council receive the report and comments for information and provide any direction to staff and/or the applicants prior to the matter returning to Council for a decision on August 22, 2017.