Katie Ferreri, CanSkate coach, Co- Coordinator and Board member for Lakefield Skating Club.

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2019 Group photo of the Lakefield Skating Club.

Lakefield Skating Club prepares for upcoming season

by Vanessa Stark

Lakefield Skating Club is gearing up to open registration for the fall 2020 season.

The Lakefield Skating Club is a Skate Canada approved club that offers a CanSkate program that teaches the fundamentals skills for all ice sports.

Katie Ferreri, CanSkate coach, Co- Coordinator and Board member for Lakefield Skating Club said that they are in the midst of finalizing their forms as registration will be done a little differently this year.

“Normally we could do registration for the fall session and, the full session so fall and winter, and then just the winter but due to circumstances, we are just doing the fall session right now.”

The fall session will run for 10 weeks with new regulations to keep skaters and coaches safe.

Ferreri explained that Skate Canada is the clubs governing body, meaning they make the regulations and guidelines. Skate Canada has been giving the Lakefield Skating Club policy documents and regulation changes to allow for their operation in a safe way.

Some of the major changes Ferreri said will be a reduced number of skaters on the ice and that they are not allowed to run their Pre-Can group which is their young kids usually ages 3 to 4 years old as they require a lot of physical contact such as helping to get them up off the ice and holding their hand as they teach them the basics.

She said that normally their maximum capacity would be 50 skaters but due to the new regulations that has been changed to a maximum of 36 skaters on the ice.

“So we are allowed 36 skaters and up to 45 people on the ice so it gives us 14 give or take people to help. So we are always looking for volunteers. Program assistants, directly on the ice with the kids, they can be high school aged if people are looking for community hours and also members on the board we are always looking for members at large.”

As for personal protective equipment, masks will not be required but will be recommended for the coaches.

“It is up to parents whether they want their skaters to be wearing a mask or not. With physical activity it can be a bit constraining for them, so it’s up to them we are going to be playing it out. If we feel the need to wear masks then we will definitely make that decision when the time comes but it’s hard to say.”

She also said that they will be working closely with Selwyn Township to abide by their protocols for the arena and arena staff.

To help kids with the transition to the new normal of the Skating Club, they are planning to make a video showing a walk through of the arena to say where the proper entrance and exit points are, where they will get ready and how to safely get on the ice.

“We are really excited to get back on the ice and get back to a little bit of normalcy and trying to get everybody doing something again.”

For more information visit their website at www.lakefieldskatingclub.com, check out their Facebook page, or email lakefieldskating@gmail.com.



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