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Terry Gillis

On Friday, November 18, invited guests attended a meeting at the Beachwood resort to provide feedback to Selwyn Township for the development of their economic development and business retention strategy.

Selwyn Township's Economic Development and Marketing Strategy


November 24, 2017




On Friday, November 17 Selwyn Township in collaboration with Strexer Harrop Incorporated, strategic business and marketing consultants, held the first of two Economic Development and Marketing Strategy meetings.

Stakeholders in the attraction of visitors, new residents and/or supporting businesses in the Township were invited to provide their feedback.


Approximately ten people were in attendance at the Beachwood Resort on Friday afternoon.


For the first fifteen or twenty minutes, the consultants, Tonya Kraan and Adrienne Harrop, discussed preliminary statistics on local employment, household incomes, visitor/tourism information, business growth data and workforce stats acquired through ninety-plus responses to an online survey begun at the beginning of November.


Following the data overview, groups (tables) discussed issues they felt Selwyn was successful in and areas where the township needed improvement.


While most participants agreed that there was plenty of attractions in and near the municipality, supportive businesses and services were lacking.

Some of the areas/businesses that the groups seemed to think were in need of some attention included, cycling support services, such as repair shops, retail shops geared to cyclists, and stops along the TSW and the trails for rest and refreshments.


Accommodations were discussed, in regards to both small and large overnight facilities. Activity centres and conference-like facilities were also discussed at some length.


Guests took a short break for light refreshments before wrapping up the afternoon with further suggestions on how to attract more tourists to the township, how to help current businesses in the area as well as encourage more businesses to consider Selwyn Township.


The other and Marketing Strategy meeting was held on Monday, November 20. The second meeting provided an opportunity for more stakeholders to discuss how to attract and retain residents, visitors and businesses to Selwyn Township.