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Peterborough Police Services Report


June 02, 2017




The Peterborough Police Service’s Annual (2016) Report was recently released and contained some startling statistics.

In all three areas that the Peterborough Police service -City of Peterborough, Village of Lakefield, Township of Cavan Monaghan- there were a total of 31,712 calls for service.

Of the  31,712 calls, 540 calls for service (not 9-1-1 calls) were from Lakefield last year. Included in the report are statistics on various crime rates and their change (or no change) from the previous year. According to the Annual Report, in the Village, there was a 75 percent decrease in break and enters, 45 percent decrease in mischiefs and 26.1 percent decrease in traffic complaints.

Traffic issues, especially during the summer months, continued (and still continue) to be a concern for Lakefield residents. In order to address this issue, in 2016, the Peterborough Police conducted high visibility police enforcement to address the complaints.

While emphasis was placed on increasing police visibility in the community, with more proactive patrols, thefts in the area still increased by 28.6 percent and family dispute calls increased by 13.9 percent.

Peterborough Police received 2,019 9-1-1 calls from Lakefield in 2016. As a comparison, 1,883 9-1-1 calls were received from the Township of Cavan Monaghan, with a population of 8,829. Lakefield’s population (as of 2016) is 2,555.

Some alarming statistics were included in the Annual Report. Of the most concerning were, (although the overall crime rate in their service area was up 5 percent), the increase in violent crimes, with homicide-related incidents were up 166.7 percent.

As well, sexual offences were up 35.5 percent, robberies -where a firearm was used- increased by 80 percent and fraudulent crimes increased by 29.9 percent.

In total, of the 57 crime categories tracked, there were increases in 35 categories. That’s more than a 50 percent increase. However, crimes in Lakefield accounted for only 1.2 percent of the total.

In 2016, the Approved Net Budget for the Peterborough Police Services was $24,341,045.

Actual expenditures were:

Salary compensation: $24,341,972

Operations: $2,787,242

Capital: $514,012

Total expenditures: $27,643,226

Total Revenues: $3,231,045

As of this writing, the 2017 - 2019 Peterborough Police Services Business Plan is still being developed.