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Trent Lakes mayor will not receive a salary increase


March 24, 2017




On Tuesday, Councillor Peter Raymond’s March 10 motion -to defer the vote on Council Remuneration until all council members were in attendance to vote- was addressed.

At the previous Council meeting (March 10) CAO Lois O’Neill-Jackson presented a report on Council Remuneration Review prepared by Pesce & Associates Human Resources Consultants. The Consultants’ report recommended that the annual salary of the Mayor be increased by $1.425.00 to $32,000 and that the remainder of the Council salaries remain at their current levels.

Mayor Matthews declared a conflict of interest at the beginning of the meeting and prior to discussions left Council Chambers leaving Deputy Mayor Windover to Chair the meeting in her absence.

Deputy Mayor Windover read CAO Lois O’Neill-Jackson’s recommendation and asked Council if they wanted to make a motion. After a brief consultation with Clerk Kari Stevenson, Deputy Mayor Windover asked if there were any questions or comments.

Councillor Lambshead said that he (and other running mates) assured constituents that this Council would not increase their salaries during this term and was not in support of implementing the remuneration increase for the Mayor at this time.

Councillor Raymond reminded Council and the public that remuneration has not been reviewed for some time and that this (sitting) Council had requested that staff engage consultants to carry out a review. He said “we’re obligated to do something,” with the information.

Councillor Persson agreed with the recommendations of Pesce & Associates, however he disagreed that the increase should be implemented this term. He also agreed with Councillor Raymond in that the money wasn’t wasted because Council now has the information for next incoming Council.

CAO O’Neill-Jackson told Council that a new, more in-depth and timely study will have to be done again for next Council.

Deputy Mayor Windover moved the motion and was instructed by staff to provide direction to staff in the motion. Windover asked for an amended motion.

Councillor Lambshead moved the motion to not implement the remuneration increase in 2017.

The motion was passed.