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No Parking on County Road 36


September 01, 2017




On August 2, 2017, County Council passed a No Parking By-law for County Road (CR) 36 in the vicinity of the entrance to the Kawartha Signature Site.

Peter Nielsen, Manager, Engineering and Design advised Council that in June 2017 staff received phone calls and emails from a number of sources who were concerned with the impacts of parked vehicles on CR 36 to road safety.

The concerns arose as a result of the popularity of Kawartha Tubing, a new tourist operation established in the Provincial Park and the dramatic increase in the number of users accessing the park.

According to Nielsen, the parking lot within the park site has a limited number of parking spaces (20+/-) and this, combined with the increased number of park users and the park’s recently implemented paid parking system for the parking lot, has resulted in an overflow of parked vehicles onto County Road 36.

Staff had observed in excess of fifty (50) vehicles parked on the shoulder of the road during a site visit.

Staff had been in communication with Park staff and with the operator of the new tourist operation in an effort to discuss and develop alternate solutions to establishing parking restrictions on CR 36 such as expanding the parking facilities within the park site, ending the new tourist operation within the park, closing the park entrance, busing park visitors from off-site parking to the park site and staggering park visits to reduce traffic congestion.

Nielson noted that the alternatives discussed would require an extended period of time to implement and, due to the concern with road safety, a solution should be quickly established in order to mitigate risk to the County and to the public who are parking vehicles on the busy County roadway.

Because of the necessity for a quick resolution, Nielson recommended that Council approve a new By-law in order to establish parking restrictions on CR 36 .

The recommendation was moved by Councillor Matthews, Mayor of the Municipality of Trent Lakes and seconded by Councillor Windover Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Trent Lakes.

The report suggested that the enforcement of the parking restriction can be conducted by Trent Lakes staff or their agents.