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No compensation for Selwyn's investment in cancelled dams


August 10, 2018





ouncil also supported several ground mount solar Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) projects, five of which were granted contracts by the Independent Electrical Systems Operator (IESO).


Following Premier Doug Ford’s announcement on July 3 the Ontario’s Cap and Trade Program was cancelled,  the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines released a directive to the IESO to wind down all Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) and FIT contracts that had not yet started construction. The directive affected the three LRP projects (hydroelectric dams) and the five solar projects.


Lamarre reported that the construction of the hydroelectric facilities proposed for dams 24 and 25 was being coordinated with Parks Canada’s proposed dam reconstructions. Parks Canada was working closely with Bawitik and PUI to take full advantage of the obvious synergies available given this construction scenario.


In the report he commented that he believes “that Parks Canada will move forward with the dam reconstruction projects however their construction timelines will likely be affected by this significant change in the scope of construction.”

The Township had negotiated financial compensation with Bawitik and Peterborough Utilities which would have provided annual payments for the life of the LRP contacts. The cancellation means that this revenue stream, obviously will not be earned.


Councillor Locke commented that she was “a little disappointed to see that the hydroelectric dams had been cancelled.”

Mayor Smith commented, in particular to Rob Lamarre, that Selwyn had spent a lot of staff time on the projects. She then asked if there has been any compensation for the staff hours.


Lamarre replied “no. We were to be rewarded for our end, but now we’re left holding the bag.”

Smith then asked if there was any way to quantify the cost. There were public meeting that the Manager Building/Planning attended and there was a lot of staff time involved.


Lamarre said that it could be done. But to what end.


Smith said she thought it was important for people to understand that tax dollars did go into the process.