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Local Family Doctor accepting new patients


Feb. 10, 2017




Health care is always a concern for any Ontario community as of late. The Township of Selwyn is no different.

The topic of family physicians was brought up at a recent Selwyn Township Council meeting. During discussions surrounding New and Other Business, Mayor Smith brought up the number of citizens without a doctor. Many members of the community are currently without a family doctor.

Entirely coincidentally, Dr. Sonilla Majeed, a family physician in the Chemong Family Health Organization is planning to help fill the need for doctors in the community.

Dr. Majeed joined the staff of the Jane Furber Urgent Care Clinic, in the Morton Community Healthcare Centre, in late 2015. She accepted a number of rostered patients from Dr. Shipley’s practice and through Healthcare Connect. The Jane Furber Clinic is open to rostered family practice patients and anyone who does not have a local family physician.

Dr. Majeed graduated from the University of Toronto School of Medicine in 2010. She completed her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Toronto as well. She has a special interest in women’s health and cosmetic dermatology but enjoys every aspect of Family Medicine.

Dr. Majeed has now decided to open her practice to more patients.

“Lakefield and the surrounding areas are such beautiful communities. I look forward to providing much needed health care to patients who have not been able to find a family doctor,” Said Sonilla.

Individuals requiring a family physician are invited to call the Jane Furber Clinic (150 Strickland St., Lakefield, ON) at 705-651-5000 for more information.

Spots are limited and staff is requesting that patients contact the clinic ASAP to ensure a rostered spot.