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Lakefield developments in front of Council

June 16, 2017




Prior to the June 6 Selwyn Council meeting, community members had expressed their concerns over two zoning/re-zoning applications that would be coming to Council for consideration. The second of three applications on the Tuesday evening agenda was for a Zoning By-law Amendment for the lands described as Plan 15, Pt Blk P N Ermatinger (60 Concession Street). The property was designated Low Density Residential; and was zoned Environmental Protection (EP).

The Zoning By-Law Amendment would change the zone category of the property to Residential Type One –holding (R1(h)) Zone and Environmental Protection (EP) Zone.

According to Planner Jeannette Thompson’s report to Council, the application is a result of a conditions imposed by the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority and the Township related to consent to sever application B-5-16. The consent to sever application is intended to create a new residential lot.  The property is within the EP zone as a majority of the lot is flood susceptible. Supporting documentation provided with the consent to sever and Zoning By-law Amendment applications illustrates that a portion of the lot is outside of the flood plain and therefore could be utilized for development purposes.

Thompson recommended that the application be forwarded to the by-law section of the agenda. The By-law was passed unanimously by Council. Mayor Smith said that “it’s great to see a solution was found to make that land developable.”

The third application on the agenda, and the second one to cause concern for a number of Selwyn ratepayers was the Rezoning application for 45 Rabbit Street.

The Township received a complete application for a Zoning By-law Amendment for 45 Rabbit Street in Lakefield.  Concurrently, the County of Peterborough had also received an application for an Official Plan Amendment. These applications will facilitate the development of a six (6) unit – two (2) storey residential building.  The proposed development consists of a ten (10) space parking area and landscaped areas.

Rabbit Street residents were concerned with traffic congestion and privacy and both Planner Jeannette Thompson and Building & Planning Manager Rob Lemarre addressed these issues during the public meeting.

Councillor Ballantyne was concerned with the number of parking spaces but was in favour of the application. Mayor Smith commented that Lakefield needed more affordable housing.

Thompson recommended that Council receive the report and that staff consider the input received resulting from the June 6 public meeting in relation to the Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications, and bring back a recommendation for Council’s consideration at future meeting.

Council received the Planner’s report.