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Local artist Kris Nahrgang commissioned to create Unity Pole for CNE


August 18, 2017




Local Indigenous artist and sculptor, Kris Nahrgang was “proud, and honoured” to unveil his latest work, the Unity Pole, in Toronto on Friday. The carving was commissioned by the Canadian National Exhibition, (CNE) in for the upcoming CNE beginning on August 18th.

The 28 foot pole is one of the first works of art commissioned by the CNE since the 1940’s. The official press conference was held at 10:30 a.m. on August 16, at the Exhibition grounds.

The pole was created to offer a story of unity and healing for all Canadians, and has been created to include a story of hope for relationships for all of us. It is hand carved, and painted in bright Woodland style. Kris said, “it will represent a great vision of togetherness for all who come to view it.”

Nahrgang has been a strong influence in the Native Art scene of our area for over 20 years now. His works are in the hands and homes of such notables as  Nelson Mandella, Prince Andrew, Justin Trudeau and the Banks of Canada. Kirs also represented Canada in the landings of Normandy in 1994 celebrating the day of the landing in Europe.

Kris and his work are currently being represented by Donna Child of Artworld Fine Arts, in Toronto. Kris has also just completed the filming of a 13 episode television series for APTN, called Future History. Kris is the creator, host and executive producer of the series which will air in 2018.

You can see more of Kris Nahrgang’s work at the Kawartha Art Festival in Fenelon Falls during the Labour Day weekend. The September show is the only exhibit Kris is doing this year.