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Hwy 28 and County Rd. 4 intersection improvements coming

July 28, 2017




As was reported in the November 18 issue of the Lakefield Herald, and in the December issue of the Dummer News, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) was approached by the Township of Douro-Dummer to come up with a solution to traffic congestion at the Highway 28/County Road 4 intersection.

David Lindensmith, Senior Project Engineer with the MTO presented a plan to council. There were two alternatives tabled, with the first being a traffic roundabout and the second being traffic signals with additional turning lanes.

The MTO retained WSP Canada Inc. to complete a comprehensive operational review of the intersection in response to growing traffic volumes.

The Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) examined existing and potential future problems and opportunities and provided a recommended plan for the intersection over the next 20 years.

As was identified in the TESR, during the preliminary design phase, several improvements and upgrades are being planned for the intersection. The project involves the following components:

New traffic signals;

Dedicated southbound right turn lane;

Eastbound and westbound left turn lanes;

Improvements to the existing northbound and southbound left turn lanes;

 Widening of Highway 28 between PCR 4 and PCR 8 to accommodate fully developed left turn lanes between the two intersections;

Drainage improvements including general grading of ditches and culvert replacements/extensions; and

Utility relocation.

A project website  has been made available for public feedback at The site will present study findings and give stakeholders a chance to review and comment on the proposed detail design.

The website will be updated regularly, providing project and schedule updates, information on upcoming events such as the Study Submission of the Design and Construction Report, as well as project documentation as it becomes available.