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Historic All Hallows’ Eve at Lang Pioneer Village Friday and Saturday, October 27 -28  6 pm to 9pm each night

Historic All hallows' Eve at Lang Pioneer Village


October 27, 2017


Have you ever wondered how Halloween celebrations began? Delve into the mystery with Historic All Hallows’ Eve, Friday and Saturday, October 27 - 28 at Lang Pioneer Village Museum. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., discover more about the origins of modern Halloween traditions by immersing yourself into All Hallows’ Eve, originally a Celtic Feast celebrated on October 31 when it was believed that the veil between the living and the dead was thinnest.

Hold onto your seat as a wagon takes you deeper into the darkness of Sleepy Hollow. Be sure to watch out for ghosts and spirits along the way. Some villagers have even reported seeing a headless horseman in the shadows on the outskirts of town. Discover the origins of trick-or-treating and learn a rhyme for “soul-caking” at the Milburn House. Curious about what your future holds? Have your palm read by the fortune teller at the Clairvoyant Carpenter Shop. Sit by the bonfire and hear the Michi Saagig people’s tale of the Wendigo and the Feast of the Dead. Magic is in the air and so are the fairies. Meet Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in Fairyland. They will wave their wands and bestow you with your own personal power. There is a witches’ brew bubbling in a cauldron at the Witches Lair fire pit. It’s delicious, we’re told, and we’ve saved a cup just for you. Then step into the Witches Lair to learn your witch name. Next, head to the Gothic Print Shop to learn about gothic novels of the 1800s and try your hand at writing your own tiny tale.

Learn about the history of Halloween at the Samhain School House. Find out about recent paranormal investigations undertaken at Lang Pioneer Village Museum by the Paranormal Seekers and check out the specialized equipment they use to make their discoveries. Be astonished by a magic and mind-reading show performed by Nicholas Wallace, the Canadian Champion of Magic.

Why have Jack-o’-Lanterns become as synonymous with Halloween as ghosts, ghouls and witches? The answer seems to lie in an Irish folktale about a stingy blacksmith named Jack. Stingy Jack will be at the event to share his sorry tale with you. Are your nerves rattled and making you hungry? Stop by the Carnival Keene Hotel for some delicious hot chocolate and a monster cookie or pumpkin tart or purchase a tasty candy apple at the Ghastly General Store. While at the General Store, take your best guess at the number of spiders in the jar. There’s an awful lot! The visitor who guesses closest to the actual number will receive a family pass to return to the Museum for Christmas by Candlelight. Children will receive treat bags at the end of the evening to enjoy on their way home.

Don’t forget to come disguised to blend in with the spirits and ghosts lurking in the Village or have your face painted once you arrive. Visitors can skip the line at admissions by purchasing their tickets in advance through Eventbrite at

Come experience a Halloween of the past with Historic All Hallows’ Eve, Friday & Saturday, October 27 & 28 at Lang Pioneer Village Museum! This all-ages event is sure to be a lot of fun, with just a little tom foolery to get you into the Halloween spirit. Admission is $10 for adults, $9 for students and seniors (60+), $6 for youths (ages 2-14), free for children under 2. Family admission is also available for $30 and includes 2 adults and up to 4 youths. All taxes included. For more information on our 50th season, please visit our website at