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Education Minister Mitzie Hunter, Ministry aids, MPP Jeal Leal and school staff were in attendance for an announcement.

Education Minister Mitzie Hunter at Chemong PS


July 07, 2017




Education Minister Mitzie Hunter, joined by parliamentary assistants Grant Crack, Granville Anderson and Lou Rinaldi and Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal  were at Chemong Public School in Bridgenorth on Wednesday, June 28 to announce the  steps Ontario is taking to strengthen the quality and delivery of education in rural and Northern communities, to provide students with the best possible start in life and build a foundation for their future success.

According to Minister Hunter, based on feedback heard during in-person rural education engagements and from on-line survey respondents this spring, these steps will include:

- Overhauling the process that school boards use to review schools for potential closure. While the process is under review, school boards will not begin any new reviews, with the exception of those reviews which would support joint-use projects between school boards or for student safety.

- Providing a new Rural and Northern Education Fund for this September to further enhance students’ learning experience in rural schools, with better programming such as French immersion, arts education and guidance counselling.

- Providing increased funding for co-operation between school boards including planning and building ‎joint-use schools.

- Continuing investments in broadband speed, special education supports and experiential learning opportunities for rural and Northern students.

“Our government is committed to strengthening rural and Northern education. We are increasing our investment in rural and Northern students to help ensure that they have high-quality education services and programs that meet their needs,” said Mitzie Hunter.