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Town Hall meeting scheduled for Douro-Dummer


August 4, 2017




Have some questions? On August 24 you will have a chance to get some answers at a Town Hall Meeting being hosted by the Township of Douro-Dummer. At the May 16 council meeting Deputy Mayor Karl Moher put forward a resolution that would see a Town Hall Meeting organized on a Thursday evening which would give staff and council a chance to present projects and updates on township business and at the same time allow ratepayers to ask questions.

After a consultation process between staff and council a date and time of August 24 at 6:30 p.m. was chosen for the time of the event. The meeting will be held in the Town Hall adjacent to the municipal offices. Staff reached out to Selwyn township in an effort to see how they organized similar events. They were told that Selwyn did not post an agenda for council Town Hall Meeting and simply let citizens ask questions of their representatives. They were also told that the only staff in attendance at such events were the CAO and the Clerk.

The Town Hall Meetings in Selwyn were advertised through ads in the local paper, various social media accounts and use of the township website.

Staff was looking for direction at Tuesday’s meeting to see if council would like staff to attend, or if they would like a more informal event without staff in attendance (excepting the CAO and Clerk).

Clifford told council that his feelings were if department heads were present at the meeting conversations may become to specific and may detract from the event. He stated that people with specific concerns may be better served with a one on one meeting with the department head concerned.

At the end of the conversation council agreed to only invite the CAO and Clerk which would allow for more conversation between the elected officials and ratepayers.