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Douro-Dummer reviews recreation Centres


September 08, 2017




Community Centres across the nation are operating in the red and this has become the new norm according to Douro-Dummer councilor at Large, Tom Watt. The topic of community centre debt was raised by Deputy Mayor Karl Moher at the Tuesday evening council meeting through a notice of motion.

The notice of motion read:

Notices of Motion:

Plan Proposal for Community Centres Annual Deficit (Deputy Mayor Moher)

Whereas, the role of our two community centres serving 3600 households in our Township has changed substantially over the last number of years;

And whereas, operational costs especially hydro costs have escalated to unreasonable levels;

Be it resolved, that staff develop a management/administrative plan and a financial model to present to Council by January 15, 2018, for the purpose to reduce the current community centres annual deficit from the +$200,000.00 range to a maximum annual community centre deficit of $100,000 or less in the 2019 budget;

And further, that the plan be prepared to be phased in over time and for full completion to occur no later than the early months of the 2019 budget year;

And further, that a quarterly report of the plan process be routed to Council until such time as the 2019 budget has been adopted by Council.

Moher said he brought the motion forward as not all citizens take advantage of the recreation facilities and with the deteriorating roads and other infrastructure he believes the money would be better spent elsewhere.

All of council agreed that the operating expenses of the two facilities within the township should be reviewed, but CAO David Clifford thought that the January 15, 2018 deadline would be a little tight to properly examine the issue.

Councillor Johnston suggested that the report be submitted by April 15, 2018 as this would give more time to complete the report, but would also give a better idea of revenues for winter ice rentals.

Councillor Johnston was also concerned with the wording “maximum annual community centre deficit of $100,000 or less in the 2019 budget”. and suggested the wording be changed to “$100,000 range”.

Council unanimously supported the notice of motion with the two amendments discussed above.