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Douro-Dummer discusses Facebook


September 22, 2017




Anyone hoping to friend the Township of Douro-Dummer on facebook will be out of luck. At the direction of council, staff looked into the development of a facebook page and reported to council on Tuesday evening laying out the pros and cons of this method of communication.

Council understood that facebook is a common form of communication used by other municipalities, but were concerned with two particular issues. The first being negative comments and gossip that could end up on the site and secondly the amount of staff time it would take to service and operate the page.

Council were told that there is a policy in place for their twitter account (presently about 130 followers) that deals with negative comments and this could also apply to the facebook page. They were also told that the facebook page could be updated at the same time as twitter which would limit staff time.

After a fairly lengthy discussion council felt that the more friends the township had the more time it would take to deal with the page. Initially they tossed around the idea of developing a facebook page on a three month trial basis. This would see a change of season and could be used for road information. The  page would be reviewed in January.

Council decided that  negatives outweighed the positives and voted 4-1 not to implement the facebook page at this time.