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Concession St. sidewalk back at Council


September 15, 2017




Rick Dunford, Manager of Public Works, brought forward a report on the Fee Proposal and Proposed Scope of Work for the Concession Street sidewalk at the Tuesday evening Council meeting.

On August 8, 2017 Council passed a resolution that staff obtain a quote from a new consulting engineering firm to complete an analysis of options and to provide costs to construct a sidewalk on Concession Street in Lakefield and that the options include an analysis for both sides of the street and that staff bring back a report in September that outlines the quote for the engineering services and scope of work.

Public Works staff met with Engage Engineering and requested the firm provide a quote for engineering services to review alternatives for a sidewalk on Concession Street in Lakefield.

Engage has proposed the work be done in three phases with the first phase being an Assessment and Evaluation of Alternatives, the second phase being Public Consultation and the third phase being the Final Report and Council Presentation.

Engage Engineering proposed to complete this work at a cost of $11,600, plus disbursements and HST.

Councillor Herron asked Dunford what the cost from D.M WIlls was last year.

Dunford said that he did not have those figures.

Manager of Financial Services / Treasurer, R. Lane Vance said that the D.M. Wills cost was $10,500.

Deputy Mayor Senis said that she was quite happy with the quote and moved the recommendation to move forward with hiring Engage Engineering.

Councillor Locke seconded the motion.

Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk, Angela Chittick noted that the fees will be included in the 2018 budget and that no sidewalk work will be done in 2018.

Council unanimously voted in favour of the recommendation to hire Engage Engineering.