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Calf killer(s) in Douro-Dummer


August 18, 2017




On Saturday, August 12, cattle rancher Gary Bolton was surprised to see his neighbour, Randy Maloney, pull into his driveway. At first, Gary thought perhaps some of his cattle had escaped their confines and wondered onto his neighbour’s property. Mr. Maloney, however, informed him that he had something disturbing to show him.

Mr. Maloney then proceeded to show Mr. Bolton one of his purebred Angus calf’s heads which Mr. Maloney had found at the intersection of Hickey Road and the 7th Line in Douro-Dummer.

Mr. Maloney knew it was Mr. Bolton’s three week old calf because of the ear tag.

As Mr. Maloney was driving down the road he noticed an “ear” sticking up out of the ditch. He stopped his vehicle, concerned that it might be a young deer in distress. He was surprised to find the decapitated head of a calf instead.

Mr. Bolton, who has lived in Douro-Dummer all of his life said he’s never seen or heard of anything like this happening in the area before. He said there was no sign of a struggle, no downed fences and no blood in the area, and no sign of the young animal’s carcass. Had it not been for his neighbour and friend Randy, he may not have discovered that one of his calf’s was missing for a couple of weeks, until it was time to vaccinate it. He said, however, “I should have realized there was something wrong when the calf’s mother wouldn’t stop bellowing.”

Upon examination of the calf’s head, Mr. Bolton concluded that the animal’s death was not the result of wolves or coyotes because the head had been removed cleanly with some kind of sharp instrument. Being a long-time rancher, Gary is familiar with losing livestock to predators, accident or illness. He said  that there were no signs that a predator had gotten the young animal.

Mr. Bolton called the Peterborough O.P.P. to report the incident on Saturday afternoon, shortly after 2:00 p.m. O.P.P. Constable McNabb asked Mr. Bolton if he had any enemies that might have done this. Mr. Bolton replied, “none that I can think of.”

Mr. Bolton said that he thought that the perpetrator would have to have some knowledge of cattle to be able to extract a young animal from the herd. When a calf is in danger, the entire herd rallies to protect it, so the calf thief (and killer/s) would have had to be at least somewhat familiar with livestock.

Detectives from the Peterborough O.P.P. attended the crime scene on Monday evening (August 14). According to Mr. Bolton, police informed him that similar crimes have been reported in the area.

As of this writing, no comment has been received from the O.P.P.

The investigation is ongoing.

The Lakefield Herald is in possession of the photos however, due to their  graphic natures we will not be publishing them.