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Three Councils meet to discuss shared concerns


March 17, 2017




For the fifth time, on March 10, 2017 the three Councils from the municipality of Trent Lakes, Curve Lake First Nation and Selwyn Township gathered as a show of support and cooperation between governing bodies and to encourage and demonstrate that truth and reconciliation dialogue among elected officials is not only possible but productive.

This Tri-Council meeting was hosted by Trent Lakes and was held at the new Nogies Creek Fire Hall. Seven representatives from Curve Lake and Trent Lakes and six from Selwyn met to discuss issues of importance to all three Councils.

On the Tri-Council agenda Friday were a few items that were of concern, primarily, to Trent Lakes and Selwyn council. Selwyn Deputy Mayor Sherry Senis asked for Curve Lake First Nation (CLFN) Council’s indulgence when she brought the issue of the Buckhorn Bridge sidewalk clearing and safety concerns to the table.

A number of concerns regarding the bridge centred around safety and accessibility. The bridge is officially the property of the County. The County, however, does not clear the sidewalks of their bridges. Additional concerns related to liability and equipment. Because the location of the post office and other stores and because the sidewalks are impassable during the winter, pedestrians and scooter/wheelchair traffic must use the road to cross the bridge. Both Selwyn and Trent Lakes agreed to work together to find a solution to the bridge maintenance problem.

Boyd Island was also a topic of discussion for the Councils. After Trent Lakes provided an update on the progress of the garbage removal from the island and the development plans for more trails, Curve Lake Councillor, Lorenzo Whetung asked that Trent Lakes and Selwyn Councils offer support for the continuation of the relationship between CLFN and Boyd Island. Prior to privatization CLFN harvested many resources from the island and Mr. Whetung was asking for a resolution from both councils providing their support for harvesting to continue.  Both Trent Lakes and Selwyn agreed to provide a resolution of support.

Deputy Mayor Senis initiated a lively and fun discussion on a tri-council Canada 150 celebration. A number of ideas were tossed around the table and although nothing was finalized, all three councils agreed that it was a great idea.

After Deputy Fire Chief Steve Brockbank gave guests a tour of the new fire hall, Trent Lakes Councillor at Large, Dick Persson discussed Policing Costs which is a big concern for the municipality. OPP costs have increased 78 percent since 2014. Although CLFN does not contract policing to OPP or Peterborough Police they were supportive and involved in the discussions. Councils agreed to work together to find a solution to the MPAC counts and to share information.

The final items on the agenda were discussions surrounding the Heritage Preservation Committee. Councillor Whetung requested that all artifacts be reported to CLFN and Chief Williams stated that Curve Lake would speak with the current Committee representative regarding a temporary replacement.

At the end of several hours of constructive conversation, friendly banter and sharing, lunch was served.