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$5 Million for Trent Lakes' new Public Works Depot


April 21, 2017




At the Tuesday Trent Lakes Council meeting, Adrian Mauro, president of Chamberlain Architect Services Ltd., presented Council with the firm’s final report for a new Central Public Works Depot for the Municipality. The new facility will be located on the same site as the existing Depot at 110 County Road 49 on the other side of the parking lot.

Based on input and direction from staff “to keep it functional,” Chamberlain’s vision for this project was to create a healthy, safe, comfortable, and productive work environment.

While there will be some administrative space, the majority of the facility will be occupied by equipment. According to the report, these environments often degenerate into grimy, hard to keep clean work spaces. So the selection of durable, easy-to-clean finishes was an important factor.

The repeated use of lubricants and fuels dictate the need for non-slip flooring and efficient air cleaning and venting, as well as adequate clean up/wash up areas. To combat this, the designers are recommending heated flooring.

Additionally, there will be ample work surfaces with appropriate storage. Well planned electrical outlets will avoid the need for long cords that contribute to trips and falls. Sound-absorbing materials will help to control the noise inherent in this type of facility.

Chamberlain Architects were instructed by CAO O’Neill-Jackson, as directed by Council, to develop a detailed building program and definition of all project requirements in consultation with municipal staff, to investigate the potential positioning of a new building on site, to develop the approved design and construction cost estimate, to develop detailed site plan drawings including well and septic locations and grade elevations for the building, drainage and associated structures and to present the Building and Site Design Drawings with construction cost estimate to Council as required.

As outlined in the Chamberlain Architects’ building and site design plans, the new Trent Lakes Central Public Works Depot has a gross floor area of 28,120 sq. ft. The building will be fully barrier-free in accordance with AODA requirements and comply with all Building Code Requirements. It consists of administrative space (as noted above) and space for vehicle storage and repairs. Thirty-seven parking spaces have been provided with ample circulation space around the new depot building.

Councillor Persson questioned the need for a larger than standard storage bays and doors. Mauro explained that this issue was discussed extensively with staff. The long-term need for large bays and doors would allow for larger equipment in the future.

Councillor Lambshead was concerned about whether the 20m area around the building would be sufficient for large vehicle maneuverability. His concerns were allayed when Mauro assured Council that the twenty meters is a provincial standard for fire trucks.

As the delegation time came to an end, Mayor Matthews asked Mr. Mauro sum up his presentation. He said, okay, “now the fun part. What will all this cost.”

The preliminary construction budget submitted by Chamberlain Architect Services Ltd. is $5,146,411.